About Us

With a vision to provide the highest possible services, we have created a unique space both in terms of aesthetics and technical specifications. Giving absolute priority to providing quality services, we have equipped our space with the top Balanced Body machines and the selection of our partners has been made with very strict criteria, creating a team with the most experienced, certified Pilates instructors, offering our members personalized services with consistency and absolute safety.


Serenity Pilates Studio

Pilates is one of the most popular types of exercise because it is a unique combination of body and mind exercise. It is ideal for women and men of all ages, as it helps prevent and treat musculoskeletal problems, strengthens the muscles and contributes to the overall improvement of your fitness. At the same time through Pilates you get to know your body better and understand its needs better through exercises that activate all the muscle groups of your body in harmony.

It is suitable for all age groups, ideal for pregnant women and is also suitable for all levels of athletes, as the lessons and exercises are adapted to your needs.

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